Hosted Checkout


Every Vendo project can use our built-in best-in-class checkout.

Vendo checkout is automatically integrated with all of your 3rd party systems you enabled via Vendo admin:

  • payment gateways (Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay, Klarna, bank debits, bank redirects, etc) - supports over 135 currencies, availability of payment methods is based on end-customer browser and location. Full list available here
  • analytics - Google Analytics Enhanced e-commerce plus which can be used to connect to hundreds of other tools
  • email marketing - collect emails during the checkout to add customers to your Mailchimp and Klaviyo mailing lists

We also provide automatic address verification and autocomplete, not only for US addresses but also for international ones as well.


Vendo checkout also supports multi-brand / multi-vendor orders with items being shipped from multiple sellers.

We're also working on Subscriptions support and quick checkout options (Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal)


Our default checkout flow is industry-standard 3-step flow.

Checkout Address Step

Checkout delivery step

Checkout Payment step


For orders containing only digital items we only gather email on the first step and skip the Delivery step altogether. So it's just 2 steps in these scenarios.


You can easily swap the logo and upload your branding, custom CSS, or custom JavaScript to checkout in the Vendo admin panel.

Simply go to your store and select Storefront -> Checkout.

How to integrate checkout with your storefront?

If you're using a built-in Vendo storefront you don't need to do anything.

For Next.js Commerce integration you should use our repository which is already integrated with vendo checkout.

For other use cases using checkout is very simple - you need to redirect the user to a specific link:<order.token>

That's it!